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Hubert Souisa
Founder at SemanticNet

-The Hague University
-Ingenieur (Ing.)
-Bachelor ICT (B-ICT)
-Major in industrial automation, robotics, communication infrastructures and computer networks

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Submarine Cable Systems

A submarine communication cable is a fibre optic cable laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean. In this section you can find more information about fibre optic submarine cable systems and my personal project called Fibre Atlantic.

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Opening A New Transatlantic Corridor

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Articles about current unique fiber-optic submarine cable routes in the Atlantic (including Hibernia Express & AEConnect), the resilience of the current Atlantic infrastructure and the need for a new unique cable system in order to increase diversity, scalability and security.

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I believe that it is important to invest in the future and to make sure that everyone has access to the Internet and can share information. One of my goals with my projects is to redevelop and restructure the current infrastructure and improve the Internet's scalability, securability and availability.

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