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I am Hubert Souisa, born and raised in the Netherlands where I earned my bachelor degree in Computer Sciene and Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Science in 2009. As capstone of my study I did a thesis for the Dutch Police department on the subject of network infrastructures.

The Internet and computer infrastructures are my passion and I am interested in new technologies and large-scale implementations of computer networks for specific purposes. My goal is to invest in developing new technologies in the field of networks, data centres and the Internet.

I focus on designing, implementing and managing networks based on DWDM, Ethernet, IP and MPLS technology. Based on my experience, knowledge and ideas, and together with the help of market leaders in Europe and the U.S.A. I have been a driving force behind the inception and usage of mid-Atlantic submarine cable systems. We have been working hard to promote and organize people to develop diverse fiber-optic submarine cable systems across the mid-Atlantic in order to directly connect mainland Europe and the US' most important Internet hub, Ashburn, Virginia.

Currently I am available for IT and Telecom projects or positions at Start-Ups, Internet Providers, goverment or other critical-infrastructure users.

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